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Christmas package 03Dec

Christmas package

Are you wondering how to work during Christmas period? You prefer not to pay for unused days and you are looking for a flexible solution? We have something for you. Sobusy offers a 100 hours package for new customers, which you can buy today and use until the end of January 2020.

Welcome to our community! Come and work, and if you like it, why not stay with us permanently?

In December, there will also be a unique opportunity to get to know our whole team of coworkers at the Christmas meeting.

You are welcome!

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Coworking private desk 25Oct

Coworking private desk

If you are thinking about change and are considering co-working, come to Sobusy. Meet people similar to you.

We offer:
- a dedicated desk in the no limit package - only at your disposal
- 4 hours a month for the business meeting room
- registration address for a one-person company, company, foundation
- reception service and receiving correspondence;
- secretarial support;
- fully equipped kitchen;
- delicious aromatic coffee, fruit teas, fresh water;
- every Tuesday fruit delivery .. :-)
- great intimate atmosphere;
- a place to rest and relax

Contact us. Write:, call: 22 400 87 72, 22 299 83 11
We will answer all your questions.
Trust us and our experience, which we have been building for 5 years.

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virtual office promotion 25Oct

virtual office promotion

Virtual address for company registration for only PLN 99 net.

- Lower your operating costs
- trust professional service
- highlight your company's credibility
- build trust in the eyes of trading partners

Until November 8, 2019, sign a contract with us to a virtual address with the possibility of registering your company, and for 6 months you will pay only PLN 99 net.
We provide discretion, professionalism and full correspondence service, and meeting rooms if needed.
We have been on the market for 5 years. Trust our experience.
Tailor our services to your needs.
Ask for an offer: e-mail:, tel: 22 400 87 72, 22 299 83 11

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Healthy snacks at Sobusy 21Oct

Healthy snacks at Sobusy

We take care if our coworkers, that's why we provide them with a daily dose of energy.
Try ourh healthy snacks.

Have a great week!

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For whom Sobusy coworking is suitable for? 18Oct

For whom Sobusy coworking is suitable for?

For whom Sobusy coworking is suitable for?
Sobusy offers the opportunity to work together and in a professional office space. It can result in a useful and interesting network from which each individual can benefit. Coworking can give the self-employed a structured work routine and increase productivity.
Sobusy coworking offers the entire infrastructure of an office from printer, telephone, internet and cleaning to meeting rooms. Sobusy is ideal for individuals and startups who do not want to invest in an own office because the company is still too small.
To get a first impression, we always offer a free trial day.
At Sobusy you get to know nice colleagues and like-minded people, but still you can work own you own and independently. If you have any questions, the community will be happy to help and, if you like, projects can be implemented together with your coworkers. Sobusy coworking allows freelance and independent work in a casual office atmosphere in which one can feel comfortable and find support.

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