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Microoffice for two 16Jul

Microoffice for two

Micro-office for 2 available from now!

Why is it worth it?
- great location in the very city center
- very bright interiors thanks to large windows
- friendly staff
- fast Internet
- short-term contracts with no hidden costs
- business meeting rooms
- the company's seat at our address

For more information, please call: (22) 299 83 11 or

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Office for 4 - available from 01/08/2021 16Jul

Office for 4 - available from 01/08/2021

Office for 4 - available from 01/08/2021

Make an appointment with us and see your new office!

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What is the benefit of Sobusy coworking during COVID-19 times? 01Dec

What is the benefit of Sobusy coworking during COVID-19 times?

- small coworking office
- stable community of clients, no day clients, no unknown people
- mainly dedicted offices
- responsible community and office team,
- cleaning service
- regular disinfection and cleaning service

Stay safe and sound!

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Coworking private desk 25Oct

Coworking private desk

If you are thinking about change and are considering co-working, come to Sobusy. Meet people similar to you.

We offer:
- a dedicated desk in the no limit package - only at your disposal
- 4 hours a month for the business meeting room
- registration address for a one-person company, company, foundation
- reception service and receiving correspondence;
- secretarial support;
- fully equipped kitchen;
- delicious aromatic coffee, fruit teas, fresh water;
- every Tuesday fruit delivery .. :-)
- great intimate atmosphere;
- a place to rest and relax

Contact us. Write:, call: 22 299 83 11
We will answer all your questions.
Trust us and our experience, which we have been building for 5 years.

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For whom Sobusy coworking is suitable for? 18Oct

For whom Sobusy coworking is suitable for?

For whom Sobusy coworking is suitable for?
Sobusy offers the opportunity to work together and in a professional office space. It can result in a useful and interesting network from which each individual can benefit. Coworking can give the self-employed a structured work routine and increase productivity.
Sobusy coworking offers the entire infrastructure of an office from printer, telephone, internet and cleaning to meeting rooms. Sobusy is ideal for individuals and startups who do not want to invest in an own office because the company is still too small.
To get a first impression, we always offer a free trial day.
At Sobusy you get to know nice colleagues and like-minded people, but still you can work own you own and independently. If you have any questions, the community will be happy to help and, if you like, projects can be implemented together with your coworkers. Sobusy coworking allows freelance and independent work in a casual office atmosphere in which one can feel comfortable and find support.

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