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Photo business workshop 17Nov

Photo business workshop

Photography is your passion?

Already on November 23rd, 2016 there is going to be a workshop at Sobusy cowoking office on how to do a photo business.

The workshop will be run by the passionate business woman - Lucia Marcinkowska has experienced a collision with industry, photographic, difficult customers and competitors.

She is going to share her experience and tell the secrets on how to run a business to earn and what should be avoided not to waste time.

As with any business in the beginning it is important to calculate income and expenses, ZUS, VAT, PIT ... With this will help Paulina Markowska- accountant, financial advisor, entrepreneur.

Please feel invited to participate in the workshop. Those interested are welcome to contact e-mail:

We wish you a successful meeting.

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New working hours 23Sep

New working hours

Dear clients,

Thinking about your needs and constant development we are happy to announce that from October 2016 the office on ul. Żurawia 26 lok 10 will open between 08:00am and 20:00pm.
The opening hours of our office on ul. Poznańska 23 remains unchanged from 9:00 am to 19:00pm.

You're welcome!

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closed micro offices on hourly basis 09Aug

closed micro offices on hourly basis

We added to Sobusy's offer something NEW – closed micro offices on hourly basis.
This innovative solution is aimed at people working and performing confidential conversations or a large number of phone calls.
This solution is for people interested in renting an private office for a day or just an hour.

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"They write about us..." 28Jul

"They write about us..."

 "They write about us..."

Coworking is becoming increasingly popular option for those working as freelancers or running small businesses.
About the advantages of renting a desk on an hourly basis can be read in the Gazeta Wyborcza from 22nd June 2016 in the article "Office for freelancers."

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start-up support 30Jun

start-up support

Our special offer for young entrepreneurs running their business for no longer than 1 year.
We offer:

Professional workplace with a complete office infrastructure
Reduced costs of doing business
Excellent location in Warsaw's city center
inspiring environment

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