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For whom Sobusy coworking is suitable for? 18Oct

For whom Sobusy coworking is suitable for?

For whom Sobusy coworking is suitable for?
Sobusy offers the opportunity to work together and in a professional office space. It can result in a useful and interesting network from which each individual can benefit. Coworking can give the self-employed a structured work routine and increase productivity.
Sobusy coworking offers the entire infrastructure of an office from printer, telephone, internet and cleaning to meeting rooms. Sobusy is ideal for individuals and startups who do not want to invest in an own office because the company is still too small.
To get a first impression, we always offer a free trial day.
At Sobusy you get to know nice colleagues and like-minded people, but still you can work own you own and independently. If you have any questions, the community will be happy to help and, if you like, projects can be implemented together with your coworkers. Sobusy coworking allows freelance and independent work in a casual office atmosphere in which one can feel comfortable and find support.

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Sobusy September offer 14Sep

Sobusy September offer

Only at Sobusy! Various packages, dedicated desk in an intimate Open Space from PLN 250.
To the "unlimited" package, we offer the virtual office address for free for 6 months.

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available microoffices 10Sep

available microoffices

Are you looking for an office for yourself and your team?
Private offices - fully serviced for 3-6 people with no hidden costs, comfortable in a friendly coworking atmosphere at Sobusy

In the package, we propose:
- access to the office 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,
- the possibility of company registering, foundation, correspondence service,
- air conditioning
- complete office equipment - ready for work immediately (desks, comfortable armchairs, cabinets),
- access to the printer, scanner, photocopier
- simple and short-term lease agreement with a 1-month notice period
- water, electricity included, 
- fast broadband WiFi internet / or network cable
- cleaning service,
- attractive social facilities with delicious unlimited coffee,
- secretarial support,
- promotional prices for renting meeting rooms (50% discount)

Spacious microoffices, ideally illuminated by daylight, located in an old, historic building and perfectly communicated with the rest of the city. In the area of ​​the metro, the central station, restaurants, shopping centers, gyms and a multi-storey car park just next to the building.

Price depending on the size of the microoffice from PLN 2,500 net: call, write, ask!

Sobusy gives you the opportunity to work in a private place at the same time without losing the opportunity to make new contacts within our community.
We cordially invite you to our office at ul. Żurawia 26 lok 10, Warsaw.

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meeting rooms during weekend 04Sep

meeting rooms during weekend

Do you know that at Sobusy you can reserve meeting rooms on the weekend, too? If you plan to conduct regular weekend meetings, language courses, workshops or i.e. sales trainings Sobusy is the right place. We are not only located in the very city center with perfect public transportation, we can also offer customized conditions based on your needs. To discuss your requirements please contact us.

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already open 22Jun

already open

It's already here. Our new coworking space is open.
We are proud and surprised that it found new residents so quickly.

We only have one free office available ricght now! Be the first, call and ask for details!
We offer:

- SMART team office for up to 6 co-workers with air conditioning
- an intimate place to work on ul. Żurawia 26
- building with character and atmosphere
- conference rooms
- an atmosphere conducive to integration with the existing Sobusy community
- excellent public transport

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