Microoffice SMART

We offer microoffices SMART for small companies.

Microoffices can be rented on a monthly basis with a short notice period:

Subscription namenumber of usersnet price per month
SMART 1  1 from 1100 zł
SMART 2  do 2 1600 - 1800 zł
SMART 3 do 3 1900 - 2000 zł
SMART 4   do 4 3000 zł



Our customers benefit from:

larger desks (60cm x 140cm)
• comfortable and adjustable office chairs
• individual lighting
• broadband internet access with up to 300 Mbit / s
the ability to configure a Virtual LAN
• fast A4 / A3 color printer - the number of black and white copies/ printouts in A4 format included in the package: 160 pages in the package / person
• free scanning of documents
private locker in the office
• access to the conference rooms at preferential terms (-50%)
• free access to the phone booth for longer phone calls and telephone conferences
• free reception service you and your guests
• free access to the lounge
• unlimited free coffee, tea, and water and access to the kitchen
• the possibility of registering your company at our address at preferential terms (30% of the normal price)
• the ability to take advantage of bookkeeping service at preferential terms (-10% from the standard price)
• attractive location in the city center
• quiet and friendly working environment
• excellent transport links (Metro, buses, trams)
• a public multi-storey car park "around the corner" (1 minute walk)
• regularly cleaned office