You can choose from several packages, just according to your needs. 

Remember, a trial day is always free at Sobusy!

Hot Desk - Day Pass

just pay for each day you use the office

your benefit:
-all basic benefits
100 zł net/ day

50-hours package

flexible workplace - decide for yourself when you work

your benefits:
- all basic benefits 

+ correspondence address

390 zł net/ month

100-hours package

dedicated desk, you decide how much you work

your benefit:
-all the basic benefits

+ correspondence address
+ 50% discount on meeting rooms

490 zł net/ month

unlimited package

unlimited hours at our office within 30 days

your benefits:
- all basic benefits 

+ correspondence address
+ registration address
+ 4 hours free meeting room usage
+ 50% discount on add. meeting room hours

650 zł net/ month

Our subscriptions include the following basic benefits:

Zegar - Czynne całą dobę 24/7

24/7 access

Praca biurowa przy komputerze

comfortable work places

Centrum Warszawy - Pałac Kultury

excellent location in the city center

Office manager

helpful Community Manager

Napoje - kawa

cold and hot drinks

Uścisk dłoni - przyjazny

friendly work environment

Relax - wygoda


Parking dla rowerów

parking for bicycles

Sale konferencyjne

conference rooms

Serwis sprzątający

cleaning service


office accessorises


telephone booth


short-term lease agreements


fast WIFI


social events

We help Ukrainian firms! 20Mar

We help Ukrainian firms!

If you are looking for a place to work, we have two/three-person office rooms in a friendly, modern Sobusy coworking office in the city centre.
If you have any questions about running small business in Poland, we will try to answer them. 

Call us +48 22 2998311 or write

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Microoffice for two 16Jul

Microoffice for two

Micro-office for 2 available from now!

Why is it worth it?
- great location in the very city center
- very bright interiors thanks to large windows
- friendly staff
- fast Internet
- short-term contracts with no hidden costs
- business meeting rooms
- the company's seat at our address

For more information, please call: (22) 299 83 11 or

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Office for 4 - available from 01/08/2021 16Jul

Office for 4 - available from 01/08/2021

Office for 4 - available from 01/08/2021

Make an appointment with us and see your new office!

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What is the benefit of Sobusy coworking during COVID-19 times? 01Dec

What is the benefit of Sobusy coworking during COVID-19 times?

- small coworking office
- stable community of clients, no day clients, no unknown people
- mainly dedicted offices
- responsible community and office team,
- cleaning service
- regular disinfection and cleaning service

Stay safe and sound!

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