Coworking in the city center. In our open space you share the room with your coworkers, but we have made sure that that the room remains spacious and provides a calm atmosphere. We use noise reducing panels which at the same time secure privacy to you and confidentiality to you data. Please remember that the first day is for free.

We offer subscriptions and the possibility to rent a desk per hour / per day.
Our subscriptions include:

desk with separating panel or green plants giving privacy in the workplace
• comfortable and adjustable office chair
individual lighting
• internet access speeds of up to 150Mbit / s
fast A4 / A3 color printer - the number of black and white copies/printouts in A4 format included in the package: 50/100/160 (depending on the package)
• free scanning of documents
• free individual locker for storage of documents
• access to the conference rooms on preferential terms (-50%)
free access to the phone booth for longer phone calls, telephone conferences
• free reception service for you and your guests
• free access to the lounge
unlimited free coffee, tea, and water and access to the kitchen
• the possibility of registering your company at our address on preferential terms (30% of the normal price)
• the ability to take advantage of our bookkeeping service on preferential terms (-10% of the standard price)
• attractive location in the city center
• quiet and friendly working environment
excellent linkage to public transport (Metro, buses, trams)
• a public multi-storey car park "around the corner" (1 minute walk)
• regularly cleaned office


subscription namenumber of hours per monthnet price 
per hour - 12 zł / hour
per day - 50 zł / day
 package 50  50  275 zł / month
 package 100  100  390 zł / month
 package unlimited  without limit*  550 zł / month

      * available during normal business hours or as individually agreed